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Please Understand: Iwata cuts his salary after dismal profits
According to AFP, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will be receiving half of his usual salary for the next five months in a small act of atonement for the terrible year Nintendo had, most in part due to the Wii U. 
Nintendo’s revenues dipped 8.1% in the last couple months. [❤]
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Gee, when’s the last time the president of a Western corporation slashed his own salary as an apology for their company’s performance?
… Ohyeah. They don’t. They just skullfuck the lower echelons of their power structure, slash and burn the rank and file, and give themselves a six-figure bonus for being so smart and valuable to the company.
Which is why guys like this dude earn my respect regardless of what blunders they make with their company direction. Nintendo suffers, and he chose to suffer with it as a show of good faith.

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